Sunday, November 23, 2008

Channing Toney averaging

4.7 points per game for UAB.

If I remember correctly, they have him playing down in the post. UAB has one 6' 8" guy getting minutes, but otherwise, they go Toney at 6' 5", Delaney at 6' 2", and Johnson at 5' 8".

Meanwhile, Robert Vaden, their shooting guard and the remaining member of their starting five, is getting the majority of the touches. In the last game, he launched 13 three-pointers. He connected on 8 of them, so it's obvious that he can shoot. And they did beat Arizona on a bizarre play.

But with Vaden slinging it from deep and Toney having to guard much bigger players, I don't see Toney's scoring average going up that much. In the last game, Toney played 26 minutes, but took just 2 of the team's 52 shots.

UAB will be regaining some guys after fall quarter, if memory serves me, and they might help Channing get back to a rotation as a shooting guard. But as for now, it looks like Toney's skills are being utilized awkwardly in this, his final year.

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