Thursday, November 6, 2008

Auburn Plainsman

makes it plain regarding their opinion of Jeff Lebo.

I'm not expecting much from Auburn this year. Granted, they could overachieve. Backs against the wall, they might find a way to fight and scratch their way out of the cellar in the SEC West. But the roster does not seem to be there for Lebo.

Korvotney Barber is a hustle guy, someone who plays bigger than his size. He's healthy this year and he will definitely help Auburn's performance. But is he the kind of player that will out-talent other SEC big men? I don't think so.

Will Auburn's freshmen and Juco newcomers provide them with enough depth to move toward the top of the SEC West? The jury is still out. Lebo will have to do his best coaching job ever to make it happen.

Folks seem to like Lebo. The construction of the new arena, however, has ratcheted up the expectations.


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