Friday, November 7, 2008

My Take on the Exhibition Game: Three Surprises

I missed the entire first half and haven't seen a box score yet. Still, the essence of a blog is to post information and opinion, so I will carry on. Just know that my comments below are more of the latter and less of the former.

Three Surprises:

Dustin Ware: Didn't have a good game from what I saw. Pushed the ball too much into traffic. However, Ware did show that he can go full speed with either hand and keep his head up. Critical for a point guard.

Wish he had more speed, though. Perhaps the small guards at Albany State were able to match him, and it won't be so easy for the bigger guards in the SEC to keep up with him. One can hope.

He looked like a serviceable back-up point guard. He will have better games, so I'd like to see him play again before making too many predictions.

Drazen Zlovaric: The guy has incredible court sense. Great fundamentals. He knows what to do with the basketball. Not a project. Will play a lot this year.

Troy Brewer: Heard he was very assertive in the first half. He had a nice up and under move in the second half. Maybe he will be Georgia's high scoring two guard.

Georgia did not look like an elite team. But we didn't look bad either, and that's saying something since Terrance Woodbury and Howard Thompkins were out for the game, and Ebuka Anyaorah is out for the year.

We have some pieces. Maybe the Dawgs will end up like the Hawks and give their fans some very positive surprises this year.

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