Friday, October 31, 2008

Stinks to me

I guess some would call it smart. I'm not impressed.

We need to clean up college sports. We have seen enough Reggie Bush situations, enough O. J. Mayo shady-sounding transactions. The "optics" of the recruitment of Orton should have demanded that Gillespie go out of his way not to pay Orton family members. Kentucky, with its reputation and facilities, doesn't need it.

If they are such great AAU coaches and speakers, I wonder how much the dad and the brother will earn in speaking fees next year, now that Orton has committed. I wonder if UK paid any other two members of one family for speaking fees, or for that matter, for any other purpose throughout the university system.

Bad for basketball. It's not even good for the family.

Felton, don't stop what you're doing. I'd rather see you develop the lesser-ranked players that you have recruited honestly, complying with the letter and the spirit of the rules.


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Anonymous said...

Totally agree!!