Friday, October 31, 2008

ABH on UGA Hoops

The Athens Banner Herald put out a good article on the UGA Hoops squad.

The highlights are the following:

1) Howard Thompkins has twisted his ankle

Another setback for Thompkins. He is so talented that I really want him to be in game shape to start the season. However, twisted ankles are part of basketball, and they take a lot longer to heal than one would expect.

2) Albert Jackson wants to lead the team in rebounding

I want him to, as well. Dennis Felton has said that he wants to be the best rebounding team in the country. We finally have the big men in Athens to consider great rebounding to be a possibility for a UGA team. Even still, someone has to "own it." Good for Jackson to challenge himself and make rebounding a personal priority.

3) Dustin Ware has impressed

Ware has made a bid for starting at point, and I'm not surprised. I don't like Felton's reaction that Swansey would play the off-guard position. He must have his reasons. But I think Swansey is a point guard. That's his skill set. On the defensive side of the equation, he's too small and is not the kind of player that can shut down the other team's best scorer. That's what you want a two-guard to do. Besides that, I can't figure out who we would bring in as back-up point guard if either Swansey or Ware gets in foul trouble. If Ware wins the competition, start him, and bring Swansey in with a talented second unit. There will be plenty of playing time.

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Anonymous said...

Barring another injury, how long do you think it will take for HTIII to get in game shape?

DaugMan said...

A while.

Someone indicated that he is expected to miss the first two games. Hopefully, we won't need him against Albany State and South Carolina Upstate.

When can he play?

Soon enough with heavy taping.

When will he play well with no injury-related weakness?

Depends on the severity of the sprain, but with multiple injuries it takes longer. I say January, 2009.

When will he be where he would have been, but for the injuries?

Next season.