Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jeremy Jacob to Arkansas? has a free article on Jeremy Jacob.

The highlights were the comments from Jacob's current JUCO coach, and the update on Jacob's recruiting. In scrimmages during the pre-season, Jacob has played tough defense and scored well in the post.


As for his recruiting, Jacob lets it be known that Arkansas is his favorite. I had thought earlier that he would have been UAB-bound, but Arkansas impressed Jacob with the facilities, and his JUCO coach knows Pelphrey well.

Arkansas could be a great place for Jacob, but I don't get it. Georgia defeated Arkansas in Arkansas in 2006/2007, and in 2007/2008, Felton dispatched them twice, beating them by 13 at home and by 9 in the SEC Tournament.

Arkansas did bring in talent in its 2008 recruiting class, but they lost 5 players to graduation, and a sixth, Patrick Beverly, was dismissed from the team. It's not like Pelphrey will be easier to play for than Felton.

Why put your college career back another year by transferring to a JUCO and then going to a team that is arguably worse than the one you left? Perhaps it was the issue of playing time, but something else must be involved here.

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Anonymous said...

I am an Arkansas fan that stumbled upon your blog while looking up Jacob. As far as I can tell he meshed well with the other players and staff on his visit, but I think the main reason he may go to Arkansas is in fact because of playing time. Stan Heath (since fired) really screwed up the graduation numbers which meant they lost six seniors plus Patrick Beverley. That means the program is facing a massive rebuilding job, and other than Indiana will be the youngest team in the NCAA.

When Pelphrey was hired he inherited a team of lumbering big men and zero backcourt depth that was woefully ill prepared to run his uptempo style. Arkansas has not had a true point guard since the 1990's and it was painfully obvious last season. That's why both Georgia and South Carolina, teams with less than stellar records, were able to easily beat Arkansas the past two years - They had superior guards.

This year the depth situation has flipped. They now have more players on the perimeter but are thin on the inside due to graduation. That may be the deciding factor.