Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dawgs still tied for third in the SEC

Sure enough, South Carolina beat LSU.  That means that there is a three-way tie for first (South Carolina, Kentucky and LSU are 8-3), a two-way tie for second (Texas A&M and Florida are 7-4), and a two-way tie for third (Vanderbilt and Georgia are 6-5).

Every game is vitally important, and that's why I hoped that the Dawgs could somehow steal one at Rupp.  Had we won that game, we would have had a real shot at winning the Conference.

Of course, Georgia can just as easily lose a couple of games and fall toward the bottom of the SEC.  There is a four-way tie for fourth, so any slip-up by UGA could result in teams passing us by quickly.

Whatever magic Georgia has is needed now.  We've got seven more games left before the SEC tournament.

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