Saturday, March 14, 2015

Correction on Mike Edwards

Anon was kind enough to inform me that the "G" insignia (on the YouTube page I referenced) stands for John Glenn High School.  Not Georgia.

Appreciate the information.  I may go in and edit my original post, or leave it as is, so that when this current post is read, Blog readers will be able to follow the thread.

In any case, my mistake, and apologies to Edwards and his family.

Now, back to the original point.  Will Edwards be a UGA commit?  If he does, will he contribute?  Jury is still out, of course.

I would still rather have an in-state kid.  Unless a potential recruit is a can't miss, slam dunk recruit, or somehow otherwise clearly fits a need, it's smarter to develop the relationships with the AAU clubs and high school coaches right here in Georgia. And you certainly don't give Edwards the last scholarship while there is any chance that Jaylen Brown could commit.

With that plainly stated, following Anon's suggestion, I did take a second look.  Watched some other videos of Edwards.

Edwards reminds me of Daniel Miller.  Guy who played against smaller schools.  Good fundamentals.  Not a program changer, but a serviceable big man.

Maybe Fox and Jonas Hayes can bring out the potential in Edwards.  Maybe he grows another couple of inches.  Maybe Edwards and his potential have simply been overlooked by other D-1 programs.

If we sign him, I sure hope so.

Go Dawgs!



Anonymous said...

appreciate your kind response to my comments on mike edwards. here is a new youtube video, kind regards, to a fellow dawg basketball follower

Anonymous said...

make sure you watch the last play in the video. kind regards