Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Free Throws!


We didn't get the key call when the Dawgs were up and they clearly hacked Mann across the arms.    They went down and scored.

Marcus and Nemi were getting fouled going to the hole and the refs didn't call that either. Karl Anthony Towns used his elbows to create space and the refs let it go.  The foul-calling disparity was a key to the game,

But the larger issue was that UGA went 50 percent from the line!  A number of those misses were one-and-ones toward the end of the game when we could have pulled close and tied the game.

Proud of the team in any case.  Coach Fox coached a great game.  We needed big games from Mann and Gaines, and we didn't get it.  We shot 3 for 17 from behind the arc.  That won't cut it against Kentucky.

The team fought hard, so perhaps it will all come together in the tourney.

Disappointed, but UGA played a whale of a game.

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