Thursday, March 19, 2015

Color me Convinced on Mike Edwards

As per Anon's request, I took a second and a third look at Mike Edwards.  To put it short, I now agree with Anon.

Edwards has a high ceiling.  He moves well for a big guy, has the jump hook in his arsenal, catches the ball cleanly, and shoots it well from the elbow.  He has a little bit of the Nemi Djurisic driving ability, too.  The finish in the most recent video was impressive.

I think that Edwards has enough upside that with a good strength and conditioning program, he will adjust to SEC play.  I understand that Mike Edwards, Sr., played football for Michigan State, which makes it likely that his hoops-playing son will be able to put on 20 or 30 pounds of muscle.

UGA can be competitive with Derek Ogbeide and Yante Maten in the post.  But if one or both of those guys has an injury or gets in foul trouble, we look really thin at this point.  Glad that Coach Hayes and the Fox recruiting staff found an overlooked guy who can help.

Let's bring in Edwards.  If Brown wants to sign, too, all the better.

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