Saturday, December 27, 2014

"Spud Frazier"

Just kidding.  Don't call him that.  But the point remains.  J.J. Frazier has stepped up his game this year.  Although he doesn't have the huge ups that Spud Webb had back in his days playing for the Hawks, you wouldn't know it seeing Frazier grab 11 rebounds last game.

Glad that Frazier is playing well and that Mark Weiser wrote the article below.  Frazier leads the SEC in assist to turnover ratio, at 3.44.  He also leads the SEC in free throw percentage (93%).

J.J. shoots an impressive 41 percent from behind the arc, good enough for top ten in the SEC, so Dawgs fans can expect him to stretch the defense while he's in there.  Add to that the fact that Frazier averages right at 9 points and over 4 rebounds per game, and it's clear that Frazier provides a good spark off the bench.  Maybe Charles Mann will spend more time at the three position.  Could lead to Mann getting easier shots.  Let's see how this thing plays out.  The SEC portion of the schedule is right around the corner.


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