Thursday, November 14, 2013

UAB Lands William Lee (Chris Cokley, too)

Somebody on their staff knows how to recruit.

UAB got commitments from three of the top ten players in Alabama.

Didn't foresee a day when UAB would out-recruit us.  But that's exactly what happened.  UAB not only successfully pulled in Lee, the player from Alabama that the Dawgs wanted, they also grabbed Chris Cokley,  a 6' 8" 220-lb power forward who is a first-team all-stater from Georgia.  Cokley was the top available big man from the state of Georgia, and was reportedly #2 on our list, in case we couldn't get Lee.  Cokley has cancelled his visit to Athens.

Nice Haul

I predicted we wouldn't get Lee or Jakeenan Gant.  Not sure what it is with Fox, but elite big men ain't buying what he's selling.

I wished we had offered Cokley early.  I remember him two years ago almost leading his squad to an upset over Milton High in the state championship game.

Oh yeah.  To make matters even more insulting to Georgia fans, remember that this is the second year in a row that UAB got the big man Fox was after.  UAB netted Tosin Mehinti, a 6' 9" post last year.  Mehinti was a three-star player, and not the highest skilled player, but that's exactly the point.  The highly ranked big men are going to Tech or out of state.  We can't even bring in our back-up plans.

I guess we're back to hoping for next year.

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