Saturday, November 16, 2013

Auburn pulls one out

Incredible game.  I stopped watching at some point because Georgia seemed so out of sync.  I almost never get away from the television when the Dawgs are playing because anything can happen.  And it did.  After a couple of minutes I came back in time to see Georgia right the ship.

Gutsy performance by Aaron Murray.  Took big hits and hung in there.  I think on that play to Rantavious Wooten he could have hit Artie Lynch about 15 yards deeper.

I don't even blame Grantham.  The defense got stops to put us back into the game.  The last play by Auburn was a fluke.  We had the right defense called, guys in position, and they got the luck of the bounce.

Proud of the Dawgs.  We're the walking wounded and we went into Auburn and almost pulled it off.

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