Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kwanza Johnson to TCU

According to a recent news story.

I suppose fans who wanted Coach Fox to bring on an assistant coach with ties to Atlanta will want to monitor this upcoming staffing move for Fox.  Will he promote Jonas Hayes?  Go out to UCLA, somehow arrange to talk to someone associated with Korey McCray and try to get a two-fer?  I suppose since Fox just received a commitment for his last open scholarship, the idea of somehow bringing Tony Parker to UGA could scarcely happen even if Parker decided that he did want to come back east.  However, with Johnson's pending move, bringing McCray on board could happen without Fox having to get rid of a current assistant.

Fox could also bring on a current high school or AAU coach from Atlanta.  I've always thought that former Columbia High coach Dr. Phil McCrary, who is now in assistant athletic director for Dekalb County, would be an excellent college coach.  Would Fox also look at Rivers, the coach at Shiloh?  Doug Lipscomb over at Wheeler?

Curious to see how this all turns out.

KJ to TCU?

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