Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We can win this

The three-ball will stop falling for them as their legs get tired. 

We need to keep attacking the rim and shoot more free throws.  Gaines and Morris are playing well.  Put them back in, Coach!

Thornton just hit a shot to reduce their lead to eight.  Ten minutes left to go.  Still plenty of time for us to tie the score and win by double digits if we hit our free throws.

We have to get some stops, though.

Not getting the rebounds.  Not closing out on their three-point shooters.  Five minutes left.  Let's fight like crazy and see if we can get back into this thing.

Okay.  Three and a half to go.  We're down 12, I think.  We'll need to get to the foul line to stop the clock and hit a couple of clutch threes.

If we lose, I think Coach has seen enough.  Brandon Morris needs a lot more time.  He is a more natural wing player than Nemi.  Let him play.  Get Gaines back in there.  He's two for two, but can't get into the game.

We call our last time-out and get a turnover for violating the shot clock.  Frustrating.

They get a lay-up.  No minutes for Gaines. 

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