Monday, November 28, 2011

Close, But No Cigar

Georgia could have won the game against Colorado. We lost by two, 70 to 68.

They got some home-cooking, sure, but it seemed like Colorado made all the great effort plays down the stretch.

We also fell in love with the three-pointers. Wasn't an issue when we were making them in the first half, but during the second half, the shots just weren't going down. That's when you have to manufacture points through going to the line.

They went to the basket and we hoisted up jumpers. Hate to repeat comments from other game recaps, but shot selection is the biggest reason why they got to the free throw line time and time again, and we hardly saw it at all.

To our credit, we played until the final buzzer, and the team did look better as a general rule.

Still scared at what the SEC portion of the schedule will look like. Let's keep improving and see how things turn out. Maybe we can bag a surprise recruit or attract a transfer. Be nice to have some good news while the team is working through early season issues.

We're 4 and 3. Let's beat Cincy Friday night. They can be had.

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