Saturday, September 3, 2011

This is awful

They have outplayed us at the line of scrimmage. No excuse for not picking up the 4th and 1.

The good news is that Crowell has some pop. He has moves. Can't block, but he has moves.

The difference to me is scheme. They have an offensive coordinator that utilizes bunch formations, quarterback options and other concepts to offset Georgia's size advantage. I've never been too thrilled with using just the pro set and those types of formations. The teams like Florida that use the spread are eating our lunch. Even worse news: Georgia Tech's quarterback can throw. They may beat us this year.

If you look at our performance this game, running up the middle is not working. We need to test them on the edges. The one time we did, we scored a touchdown. I don't mind losing to a #5 team. What bothers me is looking totally inept while doing so.

Boise State also has a nice kicking game. We can't win if they start on the 50 and we start on our own 15.

Keeping this game close will be tough for Mark Richt. Best I can tell, Boise State wins by 21.

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