Saturday, February 12, 2011

Maybe we're just not that good...

I have read the couple of articles out this morning about the Dawgs and how our team is hoping to close out the season with a push toward the NCAA tournament.



While it's true that our team has had its fair share of troubles, and players have gotten sick-- the fact is that these kinds of things happen during a long season. It's winter and we can't avoid having to play through adverse circumstances.

As we go into the stretch, we're playing a tough South Carolina team at home today. The loser will be in last place in the SEC East.

We just about have to win this game. Can we do it?

I'm not feeling too good about our chances. Horn will have his guys trapping all over the floor. They arguably have a deeper team than we do.

If we can't pull out a win, team supporters will have to face facts. Maybe our players were over-rated going into the season. Perhaps our expectations have been too high. Maybe we're just not that good.

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