Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dawgs Big Over Auburn (Prediction)

I think the Dawgs win by double digits, assuming we don't get into a "small ball" game with them. If we successfully play to our strengths in the post, it should be a fairly easy victory.

I should note that we'd better get these guys while they're down. Auburn has some talented big guys coming in next year. If you put their new post players with the developing players on the outside, then Auburn could have something.

But as for now, I hope that this game gives us the opportunity to get the bench more minutes. Thornton seems to be rounding into shape with his rebounding and blocked shots. If he gets his "ups" back, then he can definitely help later in the year.

Vincent Williams has looked better. He'll never be 6' 5", but even with his small stature he can give us quality minutes if Dustin Ware or Gerald Robinson get into foul trouble. Vincent's jump-shot looks to be true. He needs the confidence built from extended playing time for him to consistently hit the pick and pop shots and the floaters toward the rim.

I'd like to see Travis Leslie get his swagger back today. Maybe we can break from the triangle offense some and try to isolate him on the block.

One of the keys for Travis is to not jump with the ball until he is near the basket. It seems that with all of his leaping ability he has picked up the habit of taking a couple of dribbles, jumping and then deciding what to do with the ball. It's leading to him shooting the ball on the way down, which negates most of his athletic advantage. And when he confronts a player tall enough to contest his shot, then he tries to make a pass before he hits the ground, and opposing players keep their hands up and steal the pass.

If we pick up the W expected from playing the last place team in the league at the Steg, then Georgia may be able to build some momentum going into the rest of the SEC schedule. Either Florida or Kentucky will have an additional L stemming from their contest tonight, and maybe Alabama can knock off Tennessee, which would put Georgia back into the thick of things in the SEC East.

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