Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nick Jacobs

The AJC article about Nick Jacobs has created a buzz. Can it be that UGA has a chance to reel in the top big man in Georgia? I think it will happen. Here's why:

1) Family Relationship

David Jacobs is Nick's cousin, as the AJC states. What the article does not explain is the depth of the affection that David has for his alma mater. After David's stroke, the Bulldawg nation really stepped up to show concern for Jacobs. As Coach Richt said when Jacobs came back to the team to help the freshmen, "He [Jacobs] loves Georgia, he loves the coaches and players..." During the balance of the football season of 2001, David Pollack used to write #99, Jacobs' number, on his wristband before every game.

Nick and David have a family relationship. But the prospect for Nick Jacobs' commitment to UGA is strengthened by the fact that David Jacobs and coaches and fans at UGA also have a family relationship. David can tell his cousin Nick that without a doubt, he will be in good hands if he commits to Georgia.

2) Playing Time

Both Chris Barnes and Jeremy Price are slated to complete their eligibility this year. Many projections have Howard Thompkins foregoing his last year and heading to the pro's. Georgia will be thin in the post position. If Jacobs comes to Georgia, he will get plenty of playing time.

3) Momentum

Just as Georgia Tech managed to bring in top players year after year, recruiting is all about the big Mo. Well, Paul Hewitt has from all indications lost it. In fact, Hewitt's success in snagging Derrick Favors could mark the end of an era. Favors is gone after one year, and Jacobs wants to blaze his own path, which will probably mean that he comes to UGA. When Jacobs commits to Georgia, it will make other high school coaches and their players take note, creating more momentum for the Dawgs.

As I look toward the heavens, the stars are aligned over Athens. The Marcus Thornton commitment was like a gift from above, coming to us from Constellation Oliverpurnellius. Throw in Nick Marshall, Kentavious Caldwell, and an exciting brand of basketball in 2010, and Jacobs will in all likelihood choose UGA.

What do you think?

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