Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Score: Lanier County, 25, Nick Marshall, 23

And so it was, early in the second half of the game between Lanier County and Wilcox County. Now, as the article states, there could have been some home-cooking going on. Wilcox County was playing at home, and their gym was packed with fans. Lends itself quite predictably to the home squad getting more than their fare share of the calls.

The refs can make the calls, but they won't shoot the ball for anybody. So when one player nearly equals the output of the entire opposing team, it certainly gets my attention. It sounds to me like but for the big lead and his ankle sprain, Marshall could have had another one of those 40 or 50-point outings.

It would be great to bring him in on a football scholarship and let him play hoops if he still has the desire.

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