Monday, March 1, 2010

Dawgs win against Florida

It's great to beat Florida in any sport. I felt at the beginning of the year that Georgia should handle Florida pretty well, so the blow-out we suffered down there was a big disappointment. Glad we got the W when we faced them at home.

I was distracted from the game, and I missed a lot of the second half. As a result, I'll post a link to a recap and confine my comments to the part that I actually saw.

The best news from the game, besides the win, was that Georgia got contributions from up and down the roster. I was particularly glad to see Anyaorah and Mayfield play well.

If I'm Mark Fox, I sit Demario Mayfield down and I have him watch film of the high-scoring guard down at South Florida, Dominique Jones. Jones was the first player I thought of when I saw Mayfield take the ball to the hoop and get the three point play.

I know that some fans suggested earlier in the year that since Mayfield played in a smaller high school classification, he shouldn't be expected to help the team. However, if he can get confidence, Mayfield might really be valuable in giving McPhee a rest in the upcoming game against Kentucky and the SEC Tournament.

Anyaorah can do a lot already. His legs seem to be in good shape. My one concern with his game is that his elbows flare out too wide on his shot. If he learns to square up to the basket and keep his arm locked in tight, his shooting percentage will go up.

Great win for the Dawgs. Congrats to the team and Coach Fox.

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