Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jarvis Hayes Handles the Uncertainty

If these guys weren't making so much money, you'd feel sorry for them.

There are a lot of unknowns in professional sports. I'm sure it's hard to be on the road so much, then be the subject of trade rumors.

Jarvis, in particular, must be wondering, because he hasn't been able to shake the injuries that have plagued his career. Would another team take a chance on him? If I'm the GM, I'd have to pass. In my heart of hearts, I really don't expect Hayes to be in the League next year.

Hopefully, Jarvis will get one more shot, and his legs will hold up so that he can show that he can help a team that needs a defender and a shot-maker on the perimeter.

For the rest of the guys, there are just a bunch of questions, not many answers. Playing on the last place team in the NBA is tough.

But how many of us wouldn't trade places with them in a New York (or New Jersey) minute?

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