Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tech Loses to FSU

Ugly game. The ref's let 'em play. That part was not so bad. The part that was hard to take was the shooting. The first half was brutal. Neither team could make a bucket.

I don't understand what is wrong with Georgia Tech. Lawal and Favors should be dominating. Hewitt needs to set a fire under these guys.

Maybe Coach Hewitt isn't getting the job done. I still think it's early in the season to say that Tech won't be competitive. They'll clearly do better than their 2 and 14 ACC mark from last season.

So far, Hewitt is 8 and 2 on the season. But they did not look good against Mercer, and the game against Arkansas Pine Bluff sounded a lot closer than it should have been. Tech is now 0 and 1 in the ACC in this short season, and things will not get easier. UNC and Duke are still out there. Wake Forest is tough. NC State might give Tech a hard time. If Tech can't beat FSU at home, I don't see where the victories are to be had.

Well, while Tech is playing badly, let's hope that they continue to do so, and the Dawgs can find a way to beat them in Athens on January 5.

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