Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Could Georgia Lose Richt?

Let's face it.

By now, Mark Richt doesn't need the money. He's paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 million per year, not counting endorsement income. If he has managed his assets, he already has enough to live on for a long, long time.

Unlike the rest of us, Richt has the capacity to decide that he doesn't want to work any longer, and the resources to back it up.

If you remove the financial aspect from a job decision, and if a person isn't tied to a job because it's his real love in life, then there have to be other reasons for a person to stay in position.

Many times those reasons are legal ("I will stay through the end of the contract"), or desire ("I just enjoy what I'm doing so much, I want to stay here indefinitely").

I'll tell you. If Mark Richt felt that his hand was forced to fire his defensive assistant coaches, then UGA, knowingly or unknowingly, rightly or wrongly, has just removed a large chunk of the "desire" quotient from Mark Richt's set of reasons for staying.

There is nothing that will bring a boss more job dissatisfaction than having other people break up his team, other people make him cut the bonds of loyalty that held his staff together.

Coach Richt is probably very unhappy these days. Perhaps he is asking himself how much longer he wants to stay beyond his contract period (2013?).

Did the fans in clammoring for Martinez to go, actually set into motion the chain of events that launched Mark Richt toward a different school, or into a different field of service?

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