Friday, December 18, 2009

Anthony Tolliver Called Up. Gaines Next?

Anthony Tolliver, who with Sundiata Gaines made up the high-scoring duo from the Idaho Stampede, was recently called up to the NBA by the Portland Trailblazers.

What impact does Tolliver's move have on Sundiata Gaines?

Even though the two don't play the same position, from simply a scoring standpoint, the Stampede will need to do something. I imagine that they will probably put Gaines in the starting line-up from here on out.

And since the call-up of Tolliver shows that the NBA is looking to the D-League for contributors, you have to ask whether Sundiata Gaines will get his shot at the big time.

Like Portland, Minnesota and New Jersey are injury-decimated teams that might get some sort of allowance from the NBA to add a player. It doesn't do the League any good to have two teams at the very bottom of the rung, with no chance to win. Gaines would add solid defense and perhaps even some scoring punch to one of these squads, if the NBA works it all out.

Good luck, Sundiata!

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