Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dawgs Win! UGA Beats Tech!

What a great game! Plenty of twists and turns. A fill-in for UGA VII. A down Georgia team facing a Tech team ranked #7 in the nation.

And the Dawgs win. They found a way, and it was by running the ball right at Tech's undersized defensive linemen. By keeping the ball on offense, Georgia was able to keep Tech's option running attack on the sidelines.

Then when Tech did get the ball, Georgia stiffened just enough on defense. Jonathan Dwyer was wrapped up the entire night, so that took away Tech's best play up the middle. Nesbitt got hurt, came back later, but completed very few passes. Almost nothing down the field.

And as far as Nesbitt's running, due to his injury he was probably slowed down a good bit. Yet and still, that's part of the game. Georgia kept Nesbitt from making the big gains. And the pitch man was covered well enough. No long fourth quarter runs by Roddy Jones this year.

Congrats to the Dawgs!

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