Friday, July 24, 2009

More on Kendrick

from Meyer's Mailbag.

I know that Mark Fox has been out watching Jelan Kendrick. The problem is that so is every other coach in America, including elite recruiters like Calipari, Billy Donovan, etc.

Good review from Rivals. Do you think UGA has a chance to get Kendrick's commitment?


Anonymous said...

I recently read an article (I think in SI) about what makes a kid commit to a certain school. The number one factor (at least in football) is distance from home. Essentially, when comparing schools of relatively equal value, the closer to home a program is, the more likely the recruit is commit to that prgram. "Equal value" meant schools in equivalent tiers (for example, BCS schools). Would a recruit from Atlanta consider UGA, very broadly defined, to be in the same category as a UK or GT? I guess we are going to find out over the next few years if Mark Fox can get kids to think so.

DaugMan said...

I agree that proximity to home is a key factor.

A bigger variable, however, for the recruits with the highest ranking is whether the recruit believes the school can get him to the NBA.

The proof in the pudding for Fox will be whether he can translate his roster into wins in the SEC. He has tools to work with, but everyone else in the SEC East is good. And then, whether Fox can recruit.

If he can't make major improvements over the next 3 or 4 years, we'll likely be starting over yet again. Here's hoping that Fox will put UGA on the basketball map in a big way.