Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dawgs Working Hard During Summer

New attitude. Higher expectations. Focus on winning.

I like it. I don't think that Coach Fox did a lot of full-court press at Nevada, but I hope he will. We don't have strength at the guard position, so he'll have to be judicious with it. But if Demario Mayfield can play, and Ebuka Anyaorah's surgically repaired legs are serviceable, I say amp up the defense and try to create easy baskets.

Georgia used the 1-3-1 under the Felton regime to get back into games. At times Coach Felton extended the pressure to 3/4 court. Felton was always an injury or a suspension away from success. Mike Mercer knee injury, Takais Brown dismissal, Jeremy Jacob leg problems, back injuries for Terrance Woodbury and Dave Bliss. However, the biggest issue was that Coach Felton either didn't like the press, or he didn't want to risk it, given the limited bodies he had. At some point, though, when the team is not winning, you have to throw caution to the wind.

If Coach Fox is willing to implement the full-court as a staple, then it could work wonders for Jeremy Price, Chris Barnes and Travis Leslie. As Albert Jackson correctly states, if you have athleticism, you don't need as much of the skill game. Now Jackson still needs to develop post moves. The SEC is not Oak Hill Academy.

We'll have to try some new things to compete in a very tough SEC East. Hopefully the guys we have will step up their games this summer. Sounds like Thompkins has done just that during international play. If he, Ware and Jackson lead the way, we might be alright.


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