Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wall to Kentucky

John Wall, Rivals.com's #1 ranked player for 2009, has announced that he will sign with John Calipari and Kentucky.

UK has really gone on a recruiting tear since jettisoning former Coach Gillespie and bringing in Calipari. I never did particularly like Calipari, since he seemed to thrive off of recruiting players from prep schools, in some cases taking guys that other schools rejected.

However one feels about Calipari, it's hard to argue with success. UK now no doubt has the #1 class in the country. If you combine Calipari's offense with the history and tradition of UK, Calipari will not need to take as many chances. He'll win a ton of games, send guys to the NBA, and the best recruits will follow.

Now that Kentucky is back, it will be hard sledding in the SEC East. Georgia could improve a good bit, and still be behind Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida. Vanderbilt and South Carolina will not be slouches either.

Rivals has an article on the Wall commitment.

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