Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Favors to Stick with Tech

No surprise in this article. As such, I'll talk about one potential strategy that could bag Favors, and my thoughts about the idea.

The only way that UGA would have to bag Favors would be for UGA coach, Mark Fox, to call Coach Michael Reddick up and offer him an assistant coaching position. Now, that might be a smart move, but not for the reason of recruiting Derrick Favors.

Coach Reddick is a high quality guy, and has done a fantastic job of developing Favors. Assuming Coach Herrmann is not retained, Reddick could assume his role of being the designated "big man's" coach. Reddick might also be a fantastic recruiter.

However, offering Coach Reddick the job, solely to bag Derrick Favors would not be against the rules, as I understand them, but it would be a poor showing ethically for a new coach. That's my take on it.

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