Thursday, April 9, 2009

Background Information on Pearson

New UGA Coach, Mark Fox, has added to his staff, bringing aboard Philip Pearson, former interim head coach at University of Alabama.

A lot of the basketball followers are upbeat about the hire. Having the right people on staff is critical to the success of any program, and so I decided to post some information on Pearson so we all can get to know him a bit.

He went to University of Alabama and played for the Crimson Tide's basketball program. Had some talented teammates during that period.

Cutting strings with Alabama will be hard for him, but he will adjust to everything well. The USA Today article has information about Pearson's family, and an endorsement from one of Pearson's former players.

All in all, it sounds like UGA is getting a guy who knows the recruiting game and will give 110 percent. Hard to make a definitive assessment based on a few news articles, but from what I can tell, good move for Georgia.

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