Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Coach's First Recruit

Maybe it ought to be this guy.

I imagine that Mitchell will be a hot commodity for anyone with a scholarship left for next year. He has shown that he has an all-around game, and he is the highest scorer for the number one juco team in the country. Since he's originally from Savannah, he might want to play for the Red and Black.

Georgia's new coach, whoever he is, will have to shape the roster to fit his style. Currently, he only has one scholarship left for this coming year, and if he uses it, he projects to have one left for the next year.

With that said, there are bound to be some casualties as players project how much playing time they are likely to get under the new regime. I don't wish to see that kind of turnover happen, and I would love for UGA to have success with the current roster, but I have to be realistic, too.

Anyway, since we didn't get Derrick Favors, I think a high-scoring juco could be just the tonic to cure what ails our basketball team-- if we can beat other schools to the punch.

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