Thursday, August 28, 2008 releases their rankings for the

class of 2009.

Derrick Favors is #3, Xavier Henry #2, and John Wall #1.

The folks at not only put John Wall at the top of their list, they go further to suggest that Wall might be the top pick in the NBA Draft in 2010. That's saying something for a prospect that still has a good bit of work to do on his jumpshot. I guess the other things Wall has, the speed, handles and jumping ability, make the case for him. He certainly looks impressive on the photo shot they have of him.

Don't know where Wall will end up in college. I assume Baylor, since they have hired someone that Wall knows to work in their basketball program. If I remember correctly, the recent hire is Wall's former trainer. We'll see. It would be ironic if Wall ends up going somewhere else. I would hate to be a coach at Baylor who has hired a guy, and then not have the recruit to follow.

At any rate, if Georgia couldn't get both, I vote for's #3 guy. Give me the home-grown big man.

Props also to Noel Johnson and Trae Golden for ranking high in the 2009 and 2010 lists, respectively.

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Anonymous said...

Do you feel that Trae Golden's decommit is a sign that he's serious about Kentucky? I noticed that he's listed Georgia again.