Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pre-Season Outlook


I think they did a pretty good job. No mention at all of Chris Barnes. Since he didn't play as many games as he might have, that's not really a surprise. But for Georgia to move toward the top of the SEC, Barnes will have to perform-- give the team the athleticism and physicality that is a big part of his game. I'll post more on him at another time.

I agree with CollegeSports that the impact of the graduation of Gaines and Bliss will be huge. That's why I wish Georgia had made a push for Mfon Udofia. It's hard to overestimate the value of a tough point guard.

In the absence of last year's seniors, other people will have to step up. All there is to it. We have some pieces. Do we have enough to win big? I'd like to say yes, but I'm not sure it will all come together soon enough. My preseason grade for the Dawgs? B-

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