Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Anyaorah Analysis

ESPN's scout, Antonio Williams, apparently thinks Anyaorah is pretty good. I was particularly impressed with what Williams had to say about Anyaorah on the defensive end.


After seeing the ESPN analysis, I looked back at the historical stats for Gwinnett County. Turns out that Anyaorah figures pretty prominently there.

I. Gwinnett County All-Time Statistics

Anyaorah's 43-point game last season ranks in the top ten all-time for most points scored in a game.

Anyaorah is in the top 15 for points scored in a career. Anyaorah's total of 1459 points is just shy of Billy Humphrey's career point total.

Anyaorah also shot seven 3-pointers in a game (twice). That puts him in the top 5 all-time for three-pointers in a single game.

II. Gwinnett County 2007/2008 Stats

On a seasonal basis, Anyaorah's scoring average this past year (26 ppg) was second in the county to Howard Thompkins (30.2 ppg). One site indicates that Anyaorah's average ranked in the top ten for the whole state.

III. Anyaorah Compared to Other Scorers

Anyaorah scored more per game than other highly ranked players, such as juniors Terrance Shannon, Mfon Udofia and Noel Johnson. I'd love to see UGA successfully recruit any of those guys, and they Were just juniors this past year, but the fact that we did sign one who scored more per game than they did is still significant to me.

North Gwinnett also played Norcross fairly well. Anyaorah scored 20 points against Norcross and its star-studded line-up-- more that Aminu scored for that particular game.

Maybe Anyaorah will turn out to be a Rennie Curran in sneakers, a freshman who earns playing time during the year and really makes the most of it. UGA needs a scorer and it looks like we might have one in Anyaorah.

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