Sunday, January 17, 2016

Texas A&M Game

Didn't get to see that game, and glad I missed it.  I won't post the statistics here.  Too depressing.

Bottom line:  It's very disappointing to see Georgia lose by a huge margin at home.  I remember when Felton had scholarship limitations and a depleted roster in his second year, and I expected that team to lose big.

Why Fox's team should play so poorly is a mystery to me.  On the other hand, sometimes the shots don't fall for you.  Besides, A&M is undefeated for a reason.  They're a good squad.

I haven't been a huge Fox supporter because I disagree with some of his recruiting, roster and game strategy moves.  However, I'm not on the fire Fox now bandwagon, either.

I am concerned that Auburn seems to be turning things around with their huge win over Kentucky.  I would like to see Georgia be more competitive.  I just don't know.

Let's regroup.  Beat Missouri.  Get some good recruiting news.  Maybe I'm a glass half-full guy, but we can still turn the ship around.

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