Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bruno Fernando

6' 10" post player.  Plays with aggression.  Has pretty good skill, too.  Could be a great late pick-up, a guy like Mike Edwards.  Bruno's coach, who coached Ben Simmons last year, calls Fernando the most underrated player in the country.  Some SEC schools are in the mix already, so if UGA wants him, we'd better catch up soon.

Hard to say how many spots UGA will have for 2016.  Likewise, it's hard to say what kind of player UGA is going for with the third scholarship after the additions of Tyree Crump and Jordan Harris.

I've said before that I like Harold Baruti, Deshaun Corprew and Darius Hicks.  But if we are looking for a big, or if we somehow end up with two spots instead of one, Coach Hayes might be wise to scout Fernando and then work his recruiting magic.  I could see Fernando being a 4/5 guy, like Yante Maten.

Lot to like about Bruno Fernando.

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