Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mike Edwards Visits

Jonas Hayes has a pretty good eye for talent.

Yante Maten is a guy that Coach Hayes targeted and successfully brought down to Georgia.  Maten showed this year that he is and will be a very good player for UGA.  He'll need to change his body during the off-season and gain more bounce off the floor, but look for him to make a big jump between his freshman and sophomore years.

Coach Hayes' target this year is Mike Edwards, another post prospect from Michigan.

As Blog readers know, I wasn't very high on Mike Edwards at first.  I didn't get it, and I posted as much.

Was I right and Jonas wrong?  Or was it the other way around?

After thinking about it, I'm glad that Hayes is the recruiter, and I'm the Blogger.  Looking at the videos with a more critical eye, I get it now.  I was thinking of Edwards' ceiling as being like Daniel Miller.  That would be sufficient enough to help the Dawgs.

But thinking about Edwards differently, he has enough pick and pop in his game to fill the role that Trey Thompkins did.  Tall high post, can shoot the 15 to 18-footer, and athletic enough to catch the  back door lob to the rim.

His ceiling isn't Daniel Miller,  It's Al Horford.

Mike Edwards is coming to visit this week.  Although he's an unranked guy, Edwards would be a good get for the Dawgs.  Here's wishing Coach Hayes, Fox and crew well.

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