Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bikini Shots

Not to fear, folks.

Bunch of fans all upset, talking 'bout losing to Auburn and South Carolina.  Yeah, Bruce Pearl photo-bombed our bikini shots. At 16 and 9 with back to back losses to the cellar-dwellers of the SEC, we got blobs of cellulite where our toned thighs used to be.

But as Tina Turner say, What RPI got to do wid it?

Forget Selection Sunday and the beauty pageant judges!

A noted scholar said--  well, actually it's my cousin's barber, Tori, but he finished top of his class at CEI Hair School--  Anyway, he said that after seven years, cycles repeat.  And if we know our history, we are bound to repeat it.

It's been seven years.

Don't you see?  All we need to do is get all our injured players back, and, err, have a tornado sweep through town.  Win the SEC Tournament and we're like an ugly girl on a deserted island.  Pretty enough.

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Anonymous said...

You should post more after wins. Seems you only talk about UGA results after losses.