Saturday, November 29, 2014



1.  Yesterday afternoon, Mizzou beats Arkansas, keeping Georgia from winning the SEC East and ending all hope of UGA advancing to the first NCAA football playoffs.

2.  UGA loses last night in basketball to Minnesota, a game that on paper we probably should have taken.  Mark Fox and the hounds are playing .500 basketball yet again.

3.  Now, two UGA lost fumbles at the goal line.  Tech has their option game going, converting two fourth down plays and moving the ball 80 yards.  They even scoring on a fade route.  Tied at half.

4.  Losing to Tech at home would be unthinkable, especially during a season that they won their division and we didn't.

What's that, a "quadfecta?"  Is that even a word?  Hard to describe how bad that would be.

I think Georgia still wins by 14, but they're scaring me.  We'd better play hard during the second half.  Four sports reversals in one weekend is too much to bear.

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