Sunday, January 19, 2014

Now That was a Game!

Dawgs win in overtime, beating the Arkansas Razorbacks 66 to 61.

Georgia is now 3 and 1 in the SEC, tied for second place.  Who thought we'd be in this position at this point in the season?

Okay.  I know we got some home-cooking.  There were some calls that went our way.  But that's part of home-court advantage.  Besides, the team that hustles the most normally gets the calls.  And boy, did we hustle!

55 rebounds?  I've been following Georgia basketball a long time, and I can't recall the Dawgs ever corralling that many.  22-board rebound differential?  24 offensive rebounds?  We cleaned the glass so good you could eat off it!

Impressed with Kenny Gaines, Brandon Morris and Marcus Thornton.

Thornton is recovering from his knee injuries (he's had three knee surgeries since coming to UGA.).  That much is clear.  What is unclear is how much of his leaping ability and confidence he will get back.  He's looking really good so far this year.  Marcus ended the day with 11 points and 13 rebounds against Arkansas.  Since when have we had a double-double guy?  

Morris didn't shoot the ball well-- nobody on the team did-- but Brandon showcased what he can do.  Solid defense, rebounds, ball-handling and clutch plays.  He got 8 points and 6 boards for the day.

Kenny Gaines had his best game, in my opinion.  5 for 12 shooting, leading the team with 15 points and 4 boards.  Absolutely huge 3-pointer in over-time.  Monster dunk on a fast break, too.  

Remember that Gaines rarely played last year.  I practically begged Fox to put Gaines and KCP in the game at the same time. Fox wouldn't do it.  That was last year.  The good news for 2014 is that Gaines will get better.  

Props to Coach Fox.  I don't like some of his decisions, but you can see the coaching.  Guys know the plays, and that only comes through hours and hours of repetition.  Would like to see some traps, presses or zone defenses, but the man-to-man has looked solid.  

Recruiting just has to get better.  Maybe it will.  I don't see how, but I didn't see how we could be in second place in the SEC, either.  

Great win for the Dawgs.  Should be a good game Wednesday against South Carolina.  Go Dawgs!

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