Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dawgs Lose 77 to 44

I turned the t.v. off.

Love Georgia basketball (obviously), but I get angry when it's so obvious we don't have the talent to compete.  When we were coming off of NCAA sanctions, I understood we would be short-handed.  What's our excuse now?

I'm also frustrated that we didn't prepare at all for their traps and double-teams.  We had a million turnovers. 

Meanwhile, when we could get it across the half-court line, we then run our offensive sets 25 feet away from the basket. 

Hard to watch what we have become, and tonight I couldn't take it.

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Scott said...

Hey Daug Man,
we have a new UGA fight song I wanted to get over to you to listen to. can you email me at please. I know you moderate this so i felt alright contacting you through comments since i couldn't find another way.