Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Memory Lane (Georgia vs. Kentucky, 2009)

Great article on when Georgia beat Kentucky at Rupp. Terrance Woodbury played out of his mind to lead the Dawgs to victory. You have to think that the Dawgs' win in 2009 was the echo from the worst to first Dennis Felton SEC Tournament miracle in Atlanta.

Dawgs Over Cats

It will probably take similar divine intervention for the Dawgs to come away with a victory in 2012. Kentucky and Anthony Davis are playing championship-style basketball. They defend, rebound, block shots and score effectively. They don't have a John Wall, but they don't need one.

I hope that Coach Fox takes a page from Coach Herrmann and convinces his guys to drive to the basket. The only way to beat Kentucky is to beat them down the floor. If we do that and get some momentum, the threes will start to fall. Then who knows what will happen?

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