Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dawgs Lose to Auburn

Final score: 59 to 51.

Awful display for the Dawgs. Scored 15 points in the first half. Been watching a lot of Georgia basketball over the years. Don't remember any game that bad.

We shot 22% from the field. KCP, 1 for 8; Marcus Thornton, 0 for 3; Nemi, 0 for 4; Vincent Williams, 0 for 3; Dustin Ware, 2 for 13 (all three-pointers). Total futility. No way to make the performance pretty.

Box Score

To play that pitifully after a bye week... To lose to Auburn. My one hope is that Donte Williams and John Florveus go into the weight room next year and emerge looking like Takais Brown.

We are in sole possession of last place. This year will get worse.


Chip Bankhead said...

Any chance we get any juco big-men in the future? I like Fox, but his system seems to be predicated on at least the threat of scoring on the low block. We seem completely lost without it, and I wonder if the team is already tuning him out.

DaugMan said...


Seems to me like Georgia is hoping for Charles Mitchell and that's about it. Jarquez Smith is a guy who has been offered for 2013, but is reportedly Georgia Tech's to lose.

I haven't heard anything about Juco's being offered. I agree with you, though. Fox desperately needs to bring in someone who can score from the post.

I'm not sure Fox can survive a last-place SEC finish this year. If his team is bad next year, too, then the AD may make a change.