Friday, November 25, 2011

Watched the second half

They put in their scrubs against us and we still lost by 14. I appreciate the team making it look respectable, though. John Cannon made some nice plays.

Fox really does have to teach his players when to shoot the three. He might try instituting a rule that you can't shoot from behind the arc until you take it to the basket at least once, get a steal, or get a rebound.

As it stood, once again almost half of our shots were three-pointers. When we miss, they get long rebounds and go on the fast break and either convert or get fouled. They ran their offense and got shots right underneath the basket. We've got to do the same. Run the offense. At the very least, we should make their guys run through screens. They'll get tired as the possession continues and somebody will be open. We shot 26 threes and they shot 8. That to me was the story of the game.

I predicted a Georgia win. I guess I was too much of a homer to do otherwise. It was more wishful thinking than any kind of analysis, but I thought we might be able to play them tough. Even if I knew deep down that Georgia would only be so successful at their place, I had no idea we would look so bad on national t.v. again. Shot 32 percent from the floor, 26 percent from deep.

Still a homer, just a frustrated one. Let's bounce back and win the next one.

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