Friday, November 11, 2011

Oregon and Jeremy Jacob Face Vanderbilt

Should be a good way to kick off the season for both teams. I expect Vandy to win big, in spite of the fact that they are without Festus Ezeli, their key big man. As I've said before, playing in Vanderbilt's arena is really difficult because of the way their court configuration throws off an opposing player's depth perception. Oregon hasn't competed in Nashville before and Vanderbilt will have a huge home-court advantage.

At any rate, Vandy will be really good this year. The Commodores have just missed picking up a few victories in football. Won't be the case in hoops. They will spank some teams.

Oregon has a chance, since Tony Woods, the former UGA recruit, is eligible after sitting out as a transfer from Wake Forest. Jeremy Jacob says he's healthy. Hopefully, he can avoid serious knee problems this year. In the end, though, I expect that John Jenkins, Jeff Taylor and the rest of the Vandy cast should be able to run their motion offense and win by 10 to 15 points.

Ducks vs. Commodores

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