Friday, December 17, 2010

Fred Gibson Finishes the Drill

As they used to say back when I was in school, "That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!"

I think it's great that Gibson kept pushing, kept striving, persevered through disappointments, and completed his degree. Congratulations to him.

Love to see the good news about athletes after graduation. There are plenty of opportunities to stumble, and plenty of articles written when players succumb. Hat's off to the AJC for writing an article that casts a former athlete in a positive light.


I'll say this, too. One of the reasons why I appreciate Mark Richt is because he does in fact stress more than wins and losses. I know that we hire a coach to win ball games. I love to win just as much as the next guy. But it's a bigger failure to win championships and lose young men. Cutting guys loose after they're injured, or because they've been supplanted at the top of the depth chart. Leaving them with no chance for a degree and no tools to manage life.

Whatever the team's record, the fact remains that as individual student athletes we only play ball for a short time. Our greatest achievements do not lie in the school records or championship rings, whether we have them or not, but who we are as people after we hang up our cleats or sneak's. It's as Fred Gibson has found, what truly matters is the "more", the "life after football", and the care that we give to our five year old daughter or others who look up to us and rely upon us.

As one friend once said, "success is finding out what God wants you to do and doing it with all your heart." I wish Gibson well as he racks up other milestones along life's journey.

Thanks, Fred Gibson, for representin'. Thanks, too, coaches, for those of you who inspire us to stick with it, finish strong, and be excellent in whatever our fields of endeavor. Go Dawgs!

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