Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What about Polee and Williams?

Fox has two scholarships that he can give out this spring. Anonymous mentioned that he thinks that UGA will bring in Dwayne Polee and Donte Williams.

Dwayne Polee and anybody sounds good to me. I have been really impressed with him so far, and it would be a real coup for Fox to go out to the west coast and steal him from the PAC-10.

A signing class of Lalanne, Williams and Polee would help our roster to shape up, too. The best news is that we would have 5 quality big guys. You almost have to have that number, since we don't have a true center. Williams and Lalanne, the new guys would help to shoot and defend. Jeremy Price and Chris Barnes would give us the bulk and experience in the SEC. Trey Thompkins, if he comes back, would rebound and score.

Price and Barnes will be seniors. Lalanne and Williams would need to prepare to play right away so they can get enough experience to be the key guys in the post for the future. Of course, one of the side benefits from signing Williams is that it might put UGA in a good position for snagging Tony Parker down the line.

Dwayne Polee and Travis Leslie would hold down the three spot, along with whatever Drazen Zlovaric can give us. UGA's high fliers would keep us on Sports Center, that's for sure. We would have an exciting brand of basketball.

My biggest concern would be on the perimeter. Dustin Ware can bring the ball up the floor, with an assist from Vincent Williams. Gerald Robinson, Ebuka Anyaorah and Demario Mayfield would be the key contributors at the two-guard. Can any of them score enough to give us fire-power against a zone? I think that if Robinson is as good as advertised, we might be okay offensively. The bigger question is whether our two-guards can defend the bigger shooting guards in the league.

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Anonymous said...

Agree with you about the size issue at the guard positions....5'10" Ware, 6'1" Robinson and 6'4" Leslie is awfully small at the 1,2and 3 positions and that will make matchup's difficult on the defensive end, but our opponents will have problems matching up with us on the other end as well. Those 3 guys along with Price and Thompkins give us a very nice starting 5. Would be nice if Robinson could move over to the point at times because I think Ebuka is going to really help us next year. Vince Williams should be much improved in year 2 as well.

What about Josh Langford? Are we still in the mix for him? Will he qualify?