Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dawgs Win!

Another UGA vs. Auburn game. Another contest that went down to the wire. Georgia escaped with a 7 point victory, 31 to 24.

Auburn went up two touchdowns on passing plays. Their guys looked wide open and things did not look good.

Georgia responded. The team showed the same never-die resolve that it had early in the season when Georgia seemed to always come back in the game after allowing the opponent to first get ahead.

UGA mounted a furious comeback. Somehow, Georgia got Joe Cox going throwing the ball, shifted the running game into gear, and scored with our special teams. When was the last time that happened?

Cox was accurate on a couple of throws. He hit Israel Troupe and Tavarres King for long passing strikes. He was even lucky on one play, when a ball thrown over the middle, without much zip, and almost a sure interception, went right through an Auburn defender's hands and ricocheted to Orson Charles.

In good news for Georgia's ground game, the offensive line started to open up holes. Washaun Ealey showed incredible balance and drive on a spinning whirling dervish play down to the one. He managed to squeeze into the endzone on his next run. Caleb King got into the act and scored on a short touchdown run.

After Georgia managed to get the lead, Auburn came right back with a 99-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. Georgia received the ball, but was not able to move the football effectively.

Auburn tried to pass the ball down the field, and UGA came up with a play. Our front four collapsed the pocket, and the Auburn quarterback made an off-balance throw. Reshad Jones pulled in the interception, and Caleb King made them pay with a 20-yard+ touchdown run.

Auburn still had a chance to tie it. They ran the ball down the field this time and moved it effectively. Time was getting away from them, however, and Auburn was forced to throw it. On the play of the game, Auburn's quarterback hit an Auburn player in stride at Georgia's two yard line. Bacarri Rambo hit the Auburn player in stride, too. The jarring hit separated their player from the ball, and what would have probably been a touchdown for Georgia, ended up as an incompletion.

After the hit, Rambo collapsed in a heap. His right arm seemed stuck straight up in the air. Instant replays showed the violent collision, and players for both sides stopped to kneel in prayer.

I'm not sure what the status of Rambo is. I immediately thought that he had broken his collarbone, but then that didn't seem right either. I did know that his shoulder and neck received an incredible blow. There are sure to be updates, which I will link for the sake of the record.

After Rambo's injury, Auburn seemed out of sorts. Georgia recorded a sack. One of their linemen jumped and they were moved back 5 yards with a false start penalty. And on the next-to-last play, Auburn threw for the endzone.

Great-looking pass. In the far corner of the endzone. Very close, very accurate, and I wasn't sure right away what had happened. But somehow our players knocked the ball away.

Joe Cox took a knee and UGA won. Fantastic game.

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